1. The Adjustable Tool to Streamline Cleanup
You've found the perfect-size container for your leftovers—but where the heck is the right lid? By installing adjustable tension rods to organize your food storage containers, you'll never waste time looking for a matching set again.

2. A Hardware Store Basic That Simplifies Your Search for Socks
You might already know that rolling your socks and hosiery into tight little bundles is an effective way to free up drawer space. Take this trick one step further by tucking the rolled items into PVC pipes, which you can get at the hardware store. Since all your socks will be neatly displayed, you won't spend precious getting-ready time rifling around looking for the right pair.

3. The Folding Technique That Will Tame Your T-Shirts
According to organizing expert Marie Kondo, there's only one way to fold and store shirts to maximize drawer space. The KonMari technique—otherwise known as the filing method—guarantees you'll always find the item you need without rummaging through a pile of tops, since everything within the drawer is visible. "When a piece of clothing is folded correctly, it will stand," Kondo says. (For step-by-step instructions, check out this video.)

4. The Baking Essential with a Dual Purpose
It can be tricky to maintain an orderly junk drawer because of the miscellany that can end up in there. That's where a muffin pan can come in handy, with its small but ample cups that can corral a wide range of items, from batteries and keys to those protective felt furniture pads that never quite seem to find a home.

5. The Cord Holder You've Been Tossing Out All Along
Rather than cramming miscellaneous cords and cables into your designated tech drawer, upcycle your spent toilet paper rolls: They're the perfect size and shape for holding phone charger cables, USB cords and more. You can even dress up the cardboard with wrapping paper or spray paint for a more polished look.

6. The Customizable Organizer Sitting in Your Pantry
Hang on to the spoils of snack hour—specifically, your empty cookie and cereal boxes. The thin but sturdy cardboard is ideal for turning into drawer dividers covered in colorful wrapping paper.

7. A Freezer-to-Desk Solution
Who would have guessed that an ice cube tray would be right at home in your desk drawer. The tiny compartments are the perfect size for gathering up small office supplies, like paperclips, pushpins and rubber bands. (Bonus: These trays work just as well for holding jewelry, like earrings and rings.)


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