1. Fold sweaters a new way
You might not think to hang a sweater up, but it might be the best thing you ever did for your closet—if you hang them the right way. First, fold the sweater in half vertically so the sleeves are touching. Next, wrap the folded sweater around the hook of the hanger with the armpit seam flush against the hook. Then, tuck the lower half of the sweater and the sleeves into the bottom rung so the sweater stays compact. This fold will allow your sweaters to maintain their shape, and you'll have more space in your drawers and shelves.

2. Rethink your shower hooks
Attach shower hooks to a hanger, and you've got a space-saving way to organize your ever-growing collection of tank tops.

3. Embrace S-hooks
S-hooks are perfect for hanging pants from the belt loops so they don't take up excess drawer or shelf space. The hooks also work well for corralling accessories such as belts and scarves. (Psst: Ikea S-hooks are a good, affordable option.)

4. Make your shoes stand up
Repurpose magazine holders to vertically store flip-flops, ballet flats or purses—so they won't end up scattered on the floor the next time you're getting ready in a hurry.

5. Roll away your clutter
What to do with a stack of denim? Try rolling them into a crate to keep them compact and looking tidy.

6. Take advantage of knots
Knotting multiple scarves around one hanger creates easy access and takes up minimal space.

7. Use bra straps to their full potential
Instead of stuffing them in a drawer, hang your bras from a hook rack that you might normally use for coats. The bras will stay tidy and keep their shape. Bonus: you'll have a built-in drying rack for your delicates.

8. Round out your shoe storage
PVC pipes could have you seeing shoe storage in a totally new light. Glue the tubes together using PVC glue, and they transform into sturdy cubbies for your footwear.


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