So, here we are. Consider this the start of your decluttering journey: the day you turned the tide on chaos in your home and took back control. I'm going to show you how to get the decluttering buzz from something as simple as a sock drawer. I've tried and tested this simple start-off challenge with so many people, and it spurred all of them on to do more.

If you have time to read this right now, then you have a moment to carry out this simple task. Completing it will set you up for all that follows. Remember, instilling organization in our homes is not a giant task; it's a series of smaller chores that we can all make time for, however hectic our lives may be. Let's get started and just try this...

Empty the contents of your sock drawer onto a clear surface or the floor. Wipe the drawer out for a fresh beginning.

Discard any worn-out, odd, uncomfortable socks or those that you just don't like.

Match all the socks into pairs and put into balls for a tidy look.

Put them back into the drawer in basic categories: daily, sports, bed, posh, etc., with the most often worn category at the front of the drawer, least worn at the back.

Bag up the discarded socks and get rid!

Okay, I know it's not rocket science. But in the morning, when you go to choose your socks, I guarantee you'll get a real buzz from the level of order in that drawer. No more rooting around among never worn socks, delving through odd or holey socks—instead, uncluttered organization. You will enjoy the satisfaction from completing this simple task and feel inspired to apply the resulting sense of harmony to all areas in your precious space. This should set you on a journey on which you declutter and organize, bit by bit.

As you'll have gathered, the exercise is not just about socks. I'm showing you how what might seem like a giant, overwhelming task—decluttering and organizing your home—can be broken down into a series of straightforward jobs. By keeping things simple, you can maintain the same level of enthusiasm and energy from start to finish.

It's that basic—start with your sock drawer and see what happens. Don't do anything further that day. Just start, sort and complete successfully. Fall back in love with your home again and let calmness and serenity be yours.

From Start with Your Sock Drawer: The Simple Guide to Living a Less Cluttered Life, published by Sphere, 2016, U.K. Copyright © Vicky Silverthorn, 2016.


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