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The "It" Appliances
If you're the new owner of the kitchen appliance everyone's talking about—the Instant Pot—you probably don't need your slow cooker anymore (since the Instant Pot can do its job, as well as a host of others). Consider selling it on eBay and you could make anywhere from $20 to $50. eBay dean of education Jim "Griff" Griffith says that in recent weeks there have been about 7,000 sales of slow cookers on the marketplace (compared to about 5,000 sales of Instant Pots). Another sought-after appliance is blenders (it's hard to make a trendy smoothie without one). Griffith says the most popular brands are Vitamix, Oster, Ninja, Magic Bullet and Hamilton Beach; pre-owned Vitamixes can go for anywhere from $50 to more than $300.