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Bright White and Creamy White: The Fresh Pair That Puts Your D├ęcor in the Spotlight
It hardly seems like a color combination—until you see the dimension that creamy, off-white walls get when edged in crisp, white trim. The bright white makes the cream-puff-colored walls glow, says Woelfel, and creates a blank canvas that lets the art, curtains and furniture shine (no matter how your taste evolves over the years).

When choosing shades of white, look for yellow or reddish undertones if you want a warmer room. If you favor cool shades, try a blue undertone. Whichever you go with, it's important to make sure the undertones match for both the bright and off-white, or they could clash, making the room feel like something's not quite right. And remember to consider the color of the furniture and carpeting in the room, which will bring out the warm or cool undertones in the paint, Woelfel says.

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