Burnt orange, olive and taupe

Photo: Courtesy of Behr

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Burnt Orange, Olive and Taupe: The Surprising Combination That Adds Warmth
Orange may be one of the most intimidating colors to decorate with, but in a rusty, darker shade, Woelfel says it can work in just about any room. It's particularly effective in colder climates, where the warm tone can enliven even the dreariest day. By pairing it with olive green and taupey grays, it becomes more mellowed out and creates a look that's inspired by the fall harvest, not cribbed from a Hawaiian shirt. Woelfel recommends using an orange that’s in a rich, pumpkin shade and a gray that veers closer to taupe. We like Caramelized Orange (or Hipsterfication, as painted on the kitchen cabinets shown here), and Rolling Pebble.