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An Elegant Upgrade for Your Takeout Utensils
Repurposing some plastic spoons and gluing them to the outside of a LED candle holder allows you to have a flowery art piece in the day and soft lighting at night.

  • 24 Plastic spoons (pink) per votive holder
  • Round votive holder
  • Tin snips or craft scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Flat white interior/exterior paint + primer spray paint
  • Flat yellow interior/exterior paint + primer spray paint
  • Mask
  • Flameless battery-powered LED candlelight


    Note: These are for LED candles only. No open flames.

    1. Using tin snips, cut the handles off of the spoons and discard, leaving only the heads of the spoons remaining.
    EXPERT TIP: Tin snips are best to use because they cut through plastic much easier than scissors. If you do not have tin snips, regular craft scissors will work fine too.

    2. Use hot glue gun to make a row of spoon heads around the top of the round votive holder. Place the glue at the base of the spoon. When placing spoons in a row they should not overlap each other. Half of the top of the spoon should be above the top of the votive holder.

    3. Glue a second row to the votive holder with the second row overlapping the first row of spoons in a staggered pattern.

    4. Add a third and final row of spoon heads to the bottom of the votive holder, overlapping the second row in a staggered pattern.

    5. Once the glue has dried, turn the votive holder upside down. With the flat white spray paint, dust the row closest to the base of the votive holder by holding the spray paint 6 to 8 inches away and spraying over the top only allowing the bottom of the spray to hit the holder. The bottom row should be white but by the second row there should be very little white paint.

    6. Flip the votive holder back over. Spray the top row of spoons with the flat yellow spray paint. Again, the top row should be yellow but the second row should be barely dusted with yellow.

    7. Once the paint is dry, place the flameless battery-powered LED candlelight in the center of the votive. *Note: DO NOT USE WITH AN OPEN FLAME