1 Large wood board
1 Tree-shape wood cut-Out
1 Tube blue acrylic paint
1 Tube white acrylic paint
1 Large foam brush
1 Short-handle round, or angle, brush
1 Package glittered snowflakes
12 Small, fake evergreen branches
Wood glue
Hot glue
Pencil Optional: 1 Package letter stencils


Mix the white and blue paint to create the desired color (for a light blue, add more white). Dip your foam brush into water then the paint and begin painting the wood board. Let the paint dry before proceeding.

Decide how you will lay out the materials on the board. Start with the premade tree-shape wood cut-out and place it on the wood board using a wood-glue adhesive. Cut the stems of the fake evergreen branches and hot-glue them onto the tree cut-out.

Draw the lettering outlines by pencil, either freehand or using a stencil. Then paint in the letters using white paint and a short-handle brush.

Attach embellishments, such as a combination of gold and silver snowflakes, to the wood board with hot glue to complete the design.

Tori Toth is a home stager, lifestyle expert and author of Feel at Home.

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