Each month, Peter offers advice and tips from his book Enough Already! that will help you clean out the mental clutter that's affecting your emotions, relationships and attitudes.

Find Peace and Balance
It's hard to feel calm when physical and mental clutter are overwhelming. Start clearing away stuff and make room for peace.
5 goals to living a more peaceful life

Put Your Health First
Don't let the clutter of daily life keep you from living a long and happy life. Make your body and your health a top priority and start living well.
7 smart changes you can make today

Declutter Your Finances
Don't let bills pile up and your savings account run dry. With a little organization, you can take control of your finances and start building wealth.
4 tips to help declutter your money situation

Tidy Up Your Family
Between laundry, crumbs, toys and pet dander, families can be messy! Put processes in place to keep your family—especially your children—organized.
How to make decluttering a way of life for your family

Organize Your Career
If your career is taking over your life, leaving you feeling drained and unhappy, it's time to clear the clutter and find passion for your work once again.
Steps to clean up your career

Relationship Clutter
Peter shares advice for decluttering your relationship and creating a shared vision of the life you want with your partner.
9 ways to declutter your love life

Bring Change to Your Life
So, you're using Peter's tips to help keep your home clean and organized, but you still don't feel the peace and calm you desire? Now it's time to start decluttering your head space.
Get started with Peter's 3 life-changing tips


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