In any home, the kitchen is truly where the heart is. It's where your family gets its nourishment—not only from the food you serve but also from the gatherings that so often take place there. Because it's such a nerve center, it's also a tough place to keep organized and clean.

That clutter often spills into your dining areas, whether it's part of the kitchen or a separate dining room. Regardless, this is where you entertain, not where you store that "I'll get to it later" clutter. If you use these areas for anything aside from eating, I'll help you establish a system to clean up after yourself immediately and quickly.

6 Steps to a Clutter-Free Kitchen and Dining Room
Step 1: Upload your "before" photos

Step 2: Think it through

Step 3: Think F.A.S.T.

Step 4: Create and maintain zones for your kitchen

Step 5: Create and maintain zones for your dining room

Step 6: Upload your "after" photos


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