• A tall bookcase and a rolling file box, if permitted, are both useful and inexpensive space-expanding furniture pieces.
  • File cabinets or carts and expandable files keep papers organized.
  • Subdue your CD collection with a multimedia rack or CD box. Better yet, upload all of your music on your computer before you head to school!
  • Put up bulletin/magnetic boards to keep track of deadlines and to express your personality.
  • Add a hutch on top of your dorm-issue desk for handy access to your ever-increasing collection of textbooks.
  • Investigate ways to maximize the closet space. Buy multi-tiered racks and hangers, stacking open crates and so on.
  • Set up a loft bed, which creates underbed space for a desk and storage. If your dorm doesn't permit lofts, increase available floor space by stacking the beds into bunks, or raise your bed on cinder blocks to slide in shallow underbed boxes or drawers.
Get ideas for organizing and redecorating your dorm room.
Excerpted from How to Organize Just About Everything by Peter Walsh. Copyright ?? 2004 by Peter Walsh. Reprinted by permission from Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.


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