Impulse Furniture Purchases

There is nothing worse than buying a couch in the showroom, having it shipped to your house and then finding out it is the wrong scale to make the best use of your space. To avoid this, measure not just the room but also the space where most of the furniture will go—especially the big pieces, like sofas, dressers and dining tables. Showrooms tend to make everything look slightly smaller than it is in reality because of the large spaces, the ample amount of light and the tall ceilings. So, although a few inches doesn't seem like it will make a big difference in purchasing the right sofa, it can when the piece doesn't quite fit with the wall space that you have.

Designed by Brady Tolbert, Photography by Zeke Ruelas

Brady Tolbert is the editorial director at Emily Henderson Design. You can follow along with him at and on Instagram at @bradytolbert.