not so luminous lighting

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Not-So-Luminous Lighting

When it comes to lighting, there are a few different types: diffused (fabric shade), directional (metal shade or spotlight) and accent (decorative). All too often, people buy based purely on looks vs. function. For example, you found the perfect sculptural sconce with a metal shade but end up disappointed when the metal shade casts a heavy spotlight directly below rather than an ambient glow in that part of the room. To combat this, remember that the majority of your lighting should cast a diffused glow, and that you can accent with directional and decorative lighting. Another common mistake—only having overhead lighting—is equally challenging. As the sun sets, it will cast a very unflattering light on both you and the room. When selecting lighting, bring all three types in to illuminate from different levels.

Designed by Alexander Design, Photography by Tessa Neustadt