Most people keep their jewelry and other valuables in the master bedroom. Reformed cat burglar Walter Shaw says you're just making it easier for robbers to find all of your valuables in one place. Learn where not to stash the good stuff.

5 Forbidden Places
  1. The Master Bathroom
    Walter says that nine times out of 10, he hit the jackpot with a jewelry box on the vanity or in a drawer.
  2. The Closet
    You're not fooling anyone by hiding your jewelry out of sight. An experienced robber will know just where to look.
  3. Your Dresser Drawers
    Drawers are another typical hiding place for cash or jewelry.
  4. The Underwear Drawer
    Someone looking for valuables won't be embarrassed about pawing through your delicates.
  5. A Nightstand
    Even if they're on both sides of the bed, Walter says, a criminal will check them thoroughly.


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