showering at the gym

Illustration: David Wyffels

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The woman taking her sweet time showering, using up all the hot water in the process

Why they're bothering you: You've got places to be, and they don't include standing in the shower line for 20 minutes for a cold shower. Plus, it really kills your post-workout buzz.
How to handle it: Keep the steam from coming out of your ears with deep exhalations. "When we exhale, we activate our calming parasympathetic nervous system," says Jenny Susser, PhD, a clinical sports psychologist in Huntington, New York. "It slows down your heart rate and helps lower your levels of adrenaline and cortisol." Take 3 to 5 deep breaths, and focus on exhaling slowly. Calming down doesn't change the fact that a slow shower user could make you late for work though, so if it seems that this person is simply oblivious to the line outside the stall, politely ask how long they'll be, and be sure to include the fact that there are quite a few people patiently waiting for their turn, says Susser.