singing at the gym

Illustration: David Wyffels

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The one-woman show on the Stairmaster

Why they're bothering you: You're trying to listen to Beyoncé—not this lady's terrible imitation of her.
How to handle it: If the wannabe pop star looks like they're just so into their tunes that they have no idea they're bothering anyone, chat them up, says Susan Stanley, a trainer with Equinox, who's successfully used this approach before. In your friendliest tone, "politely interrupt them and say, ‘What are you listening to? You seem to be enjoying it so much!'" They'll see that you're not trying to be accusatory or judgmental but that everyone can hear them. If they're being really loud and you get the impression that a good-natured chat wouldn't help, or might make the situation worse, tell the front desk. "When there's a disruptive person, it's the gym management's responsibility to handle it," says Stanley.