annoying people at gym

Illustration: David Wyffels

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The guy who just finished 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill—and didn't wipe it down afterward

Why they're bothering you: Maybe they're so in the zone that they forgot (or the gym is out of paper towels or wipes—it happens), but you'd rather not touch someone else's sweat if you don't have to.
How to handle it: Remind yourself that at some point, you've probably failed to wipe down a machine too. "Finding some kind of similarity between yourself and the person who's irritating you will help you put yourself in their shoes and keep you from seething inside," says Leah Lagos, PsyD, a sports psychologist in New York. "You can always wipe the equipment down yourself before you start using it." The one exception: a serial non-wiper. That's when you should say something to the staff, says Lagos.