Sushi not to eat when you're hungry

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Why you shouldn't eat it right now: The combination of white rice (usually ½ cup to 1 cup per roll, says Maria Bella, RD, founder of Top Balance Nutrition in New York), and the soy sauce you dip it in, makes sushi a doubly bad choice for satisfying serious hunger. The rice will lead to a crash because it lacks fiber, and the soy sauce, sky-high in sodium, will leave you thirsty. "Our brains confuse thirst with hunger, so you'll eat more to try to fill up when all you really need is some water," says Bella.

Make it better: Pick naruto rolls, which are wrapped in cucumber instead of rice, and start with a seaweed salad or a serving of edamame (sprinkled with lime juice for flavor instead of salt). And here are seven other thirst-inducing foods to stay away from when your stomach is basically empty.