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What You've Been Doing: Forcing yourself to exercise in a way you don't enjoy (Everyone hates running at first, right?)
Try This Instead: Find a workout that you don't completely loathe
"It took me doing 5K's and a half-marathon to finally admit that I never got a runner's high and that I'd rather use that 'Oh, my gosh, I have to get out of bed and exercise' energy on activities that I look forward to. That meant trying Spinning, heavy weight lifting, Zumba, swimming, hot yoga and more. So many people start out walking and running because it seems like that's what everyone does. Then they groan about how they don't like it, and dread doing it, but do it anyway. It's great to find that persistence, but it takes less mental energy in the long run to find something you really like. It shouldn't be a struggle." —Emily Ho, Authentically Emmie; lost about 100 pounds