You'll Need to Revisit Your Spending Budget

"I didn't anticipate my shoe size dropping. I've gone from a 9 to a 7 1/2! And every few months, sometimes more often, I've had to get new clothes. I've gone through a lot of different sizes, having gone from a 2X to a small. Thankfully, I love to thrift shop."
— Rachel Graham, @losinggravity, has lost 90+ pounds

This Can Be More Rewarding Than Pounds Lost

"One of the best parts of this journey has been developing muscles. I never thought about that in the beginning—that I would become stronger. I was so focused on the scale, or my pant size, that I didn't consider it. Now, being able to lift a heavier weight is more important than the scale going down five pounds."
— Jessica Metzger, @join_jessica_xo, has lost 100+ pounds

It Takes Longer Than You Think It Will

"I imagined that I'd get to my goal weight within a year. My weight-loss journey has taken one year and seven months, and I'm only halfway there. Now, I understand that this process takes time. When I'm having a difficult day, I remember how unhealthy I used to be. When I went to the doctor at my heaviest, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I was pre-diabetic. I went to the doctor just last week and everything was within normal, healthy ranges."
— Julie Ana Kim, @julieanakim, has lost 72 pounds

Be Careful About Jumping the Gun When It Comes to Major Body Changes

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"I had a breast reduction [before I reached my goal weight]. Had I known that I was going to lose more weight from my chest before I reached that point, I would have let it be. Now, I want my chest to go back to the way it was."
— Robbin Bolls, @justrobbin, has lost 90+ pounds

There Will Be Naysayers, and Here's How You Handle Them

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"One major thing I didn't expect was people putting me down, or judging me, for wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. It came from close friends that I thought would be supportive. They'd make passive-aggressive remarks about food choices or my workouts. They actually made me feel ashamed at one point. Eventually, I realized their behavior was a reflection on them and had nothing to do with me. So, whenever they'd start with the negative remarks, I'd remind them that my decisions were my own and I wasn't forcing my lifestyle on them. Now, I just remind myself that I don't owe anyone an explanation."
— Lora Supnet, @healthyhappylora, has lost 65 pounds

But You Might Be Surprised at How Supportive Others Are
"Based on how my family was growing up, eating a lot of unhealthy food, I didn't expect them to be supportive when I asked them to stop eating things like fried chicken in front of me, but they were 100 percent on board. They've even cut down on eating that stuff themselves."
— Bolls

You May Want to Throw Your Scale Out the Window Eventually...
"I stopped weighing myself within the last year—I didn't want the numbers to dictate my mood anymore. If I lost weight, I would be happy and my day would start off great, but if I gained a little, I was devastated. I became so stressed over it and it was nonsense. Gaining .2 pounds is not something that should make you feel miserable about yourself. If you feel like I did, it might be best to move away from the scale a bit."
— Supnet

...And Use This to Track Your Progress Instead
"Pictures! I find that when you see yourself in the mirror day after day, it can be hard to notice changes. But pictures really help you see the subtle differences in your body. Plus, when I'm struggling, I look back and remember how far I've come."
— Graham

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