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What You've Been Doing: Spending all of your gym time on the cardio machines, focusing on burning as many calories as you can
Try This Instead: Branch out to the weight room and add some muscle-building moves to your regimen
"Strength training accelerated my fat loss and boosted my metabolism—I found that I was able to eat more of the foods I love while still losing weight. Using weights and doing body-weight exercises like push-ups felt like a chore at first, but once I realized how effective strength training is at transforming the shape of the body, I got on board and really began to love it. I couldn't even do one push-up when I started—now I can barrel through them. And we're talking about full-body push-ups, not the modified 'girl' kind that you do on your knees." —Josie Maurer, Yum Yucky; lost 40 pounds twice—first after having her third child and again after her fourth