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Leo – July 23 to August 22

Your sign in a nutshell: You like to see and be seen, so whenever there's a trendy new workout or high-end gym to try, you're the first one there. Appearance matters to you, and you work hard to keep your body looking the way you want it to. That extends to your workout clothes as well—old t-shirts are not in the rotation. You're excited by workouts that feel like fun instead of work, and the more people involved, the better.
The workout for you: Dance cardio classes at studios like AKT, Body by Simone, and Tracy Anderson. If workouts competed in a "most buzzed about" category, these would win the top prize. Celebrities and supermodels love them (look at any of the three studios Instagram accounts for a glimpse of the who's-who that sweat there). With routines that constantly change and music that never drops below dance-club decibels, these classes are fun and challenging. Some studios will let you stream classes, in case your city doesn't have a location.