breakfast foods full of sugar

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The Thing You Thought Was a Smart Breakfast Choice

Multigrain or wheat bagels, 1 bagel—up to 7 grams of sugar, which is over four times more than the 1.67 grams in a slice of whole grain toast.
sugary health foods

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The Potato Chip Alternative

Banana chips, 1 ounce—10 grams of sugar.
fruit full of sugar

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The Wrong Kind of Fruit

Fruit that's been canned in heavy syrup, or sweetened before freezing.

One cup of wild blueberries canned in heavy syrup, or the amount you might get in a large slice of blueberry pie made with canned berries—61.5 grams of sugar.

Sweetened, frozen raspberries (thawed), 1 cup—54.40 grams of sugar, compared to 5.4 grams in fresh raspberries.
yogurt surprising sugar food

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The Snack with Protein, Calcium and So. Much. Sugar.

Flavored yogurt, 6 ounces—up to 34 grams of sugar versus 8 grams in the same amount of plain, whole-milk yogurt.
sugary health foods

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The Sauce That Has More Than Just Vegetables

Store-bought tomato-based sauce, ½ cup—6.5 grams of sugar.
foods full of sugar

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The Grab-and-Go Option You're Better Off Making On Your Own

Packaged granola or trail mixes, 1/2 cup—up to 15 grams of sugar, compared to many home recipes, such as this classic one, which has significantly less of the sweet stuff.
healthy foods that are actually full of sugar

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The Side Dish To Eat Sparingly

Baked beans, 1/2 cup—up to 16 grams of sugar.
coconut water sugar foods

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We Didn't Forget About Drinks...

Coconut water, 1 cup—6.26 grams, compared to, well, zero in regular water.

Bottled green teas, 1 bottle—up to 30 grams versus 40 to 45 grams in a can of root beer.

Bottled green juices, 1 cup—around 14.5 grams.

Store-bought smoothies, 1 cup—around 23 grams, far more than this vegetable-based smoothie you can make at home.

Sweetened almond milk, 1 cup—up to 14 grams of sugar.