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Photo: Caroline Yohanan and Leila Baboi

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Your Neighborhood Pizza Joint

Best bet: Thin crust all the way. And make it whole wheat if possible. High-fiber vegetables give flavor and texture plus staying power to a slice without adding too many calories. But be realistic, though, about how many veggies you'll actually eat. Two kinds of vegetables (think mushrooms, artichokes, peppers or spinach) plus a lean protein like chicken is a good bet. "I tell pepperoni lovers to give Canadian bacon a try," says McDaniel. "It's leaner and lower in fat."

Stay away from: You know the meat-lovers' deep-dish bonanza is no friend to your waistline, but white pizza isn’t either. "It's often made with multiple cheeses and nothing else on top, so you're getting tons of saturated fat but none of the vegetables or lycopene you'd get from tomato sauce," Bella says.