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Americans are buying lunch instead of bringing it from home nearly three times per week, according to a national survey. But given that the typical restaurant lunch has more than 1,000 calories, you're better off packing your own every day. "You often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but a solid lunch is key to staying energized," says Toby Amidor, a registered dietitian. Whether you're a lunch-packing newbie or just need some fresh tools and tricks, start here.

Lunchbots Condiment Containers
The World Health Organization recommends that adults get no more than 5 percent of their daily calories from added sugars, but desserts and snacks aren't the only sources to watch out for. Condiments and dressings are among the sneakiest sugar culprits. These leakproof, 1.5-ounce stainless steel containers can help you from going overboard. ($25 for set of three;