healthiest sushi roll

Photo: Caroline Yohanan and Leila Baboi

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Your Usual Saturday Night Sushi Place

Best bet: Naruto rolls, which are wrapped in cucumber instead of rice and seaweed. For the filling, pick a lean protein like shrimp or yellowtail and add a vegetable, for a balanced meal. As for the soy sauce (1 Tbsp. can pack up to 1,000 mg of sodium, 2/3 of the daily recommended intake for people with hypertension and nearly half what people without hypertension should get in one day), try Bella's trick of diluting it. Add as much water as you can while still keeping it tasty.

Stay away from: Specialty rolls, especially ones where you're not exactly sure what's in them. You may be getting one that's loaded with mayo (in spicy tuna), cream cheese or tempura (fried fish, vegetables, chicken, etc.). Eel and avocado rolls are aren't exactly healthy, either. "They're usually topped with a sweet soy glaze that's packed with sugar and high in calories," Bella says.