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Who It's For: People dealing with muscle, joint, or deep tissue pain.
How it Works: LumiWave's four LED pods emit near-infrared energy, which is thought to help release pain-blocking endorphins and trigger the flow of nitric oxide to reduce inflammation. Place LumiWave directly where it hurts and use its handheld controller to pick one of two temps: 106 or 108 degrees. You should start feeling relief after two daily sessions, six hours apart.
What Our Testers Thought: "I pulled a muscle in my shoulder recently and used LumiWave when I went to bed that night. I didn't take an anti-inflammatory because I wanted to see how well the device worked. Where the band sat against my skin, I felt a very concentrated heat—not so hot that it was intolerable, but hot enough that I felt like it was doing something. I really noticed a difference. If I hadn't used it, my shoulder would have felt much tighter the next morning." —Valerie, 65

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