Don't: Perform repetitive physical activities the same way every time.
Do: Vary how you do things like carrying a heavy bag (regularly alternating shoulders changes the load on your spine).

Don't: Bend and lift.
Do: Squat with your back straight, chest up. This takes pressure off your spine and helps avoid pushing out low-back disks.

Don't: Sit—or stand—all the time.
Do: Move around or take a walk at least once an hour.

Don't: Neglect your core.
Do: Strengthen key muscles that support your back: the multifidus, which runs along the spine, and the transversus abdominis, which wraps around your abdomen. Planks are great core boosters.

Don't: Move in ways that feel wrong.
Do: Avoid twisting and lifting at the same time, and ask for help with heavy or awkward objects. In general, listen to the voice in your head that says I shouldn't be doing this. You know your back best!

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