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Photo: Courtesy of Valedo

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Who It's For: Individuals with lower back aches or decreased lower back mobility.
How it Works: Valedo turns physical therapy into a game, coaching you through 45 exercises designed to strengthen weak muscles that can cause lower back pain. Stick two Bluetooth sensors on your lower back and chest, then follow your avatar on a tablet or a smartphone to fine-tune 17 twisting, leaning, and squatting movements. You'll earn points when you do the moves correctly. An app lets you track your progress and share results.
What Our Testers Thought: "I've had a herniated disc since 2013, and as a result, I have chronic pain in my lumbar spine, hips, butt, and obliques, as well as tightness in my shoulders and neck—basically everywhere! I liked that the Valedo sensors alerted me if I wasn't doing the moves properly, and I felt less stiff after just three sessions. Sometimes I slack off on my physical therapy because it can be boring and repetitive, but I found the game aspect of this fun. It made me want to come back for more." —Lauren, 27