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If yours is more than eight years old, or if you're waking up achy or stiff, it's time to go shopping. There's no one-size-fits-all solution: For instance, high-end memory foam mattresses may offer the best spine support for back and side sleepers, but they can hold in heat, making them a less appealing option for anyone with hot flashes. For the full hotel experience, consider Simmons, which crafts custom versions for the Ritz-Carlton and Westin chains.

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Sheets And Blanket

Thread counts aren't nearly as important as fabric. Though cotton and polyester blends don't wrinkle, 100 percent cotton is a better choice because it breathes more. And when it comes to making the bed, Westin says the secret sauce is a bonus middle sheet (between the fitted and top sheets). "We discovered that adding an extra layer better allows people to regulate their body temperature," says Brian Povinelli, senior vice president and global brand leader for Westin Hotels & Resorts. Top it off with a comforter or a duvet. Consider hypoallergenic bedding if you are allergic to dust mites—a stuffed nose can disrupt your sleep.

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Take a cue from Conrad Hotels & Resorts, which offers a menu of pillows with various fillings: buckwheat hulls that mold to your head to relieve tension; Japanese igusa grass, which can absorb heat; or rubber for added support. And remember: The real source of your pillow envy may lie in the fact that hotels regularly switch theirs out. Make it a habit to replace yours roughly every two years.


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