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Take your workout down a notch

Instead of: Hardcore exercise classes
Try: Power walking, biking outdoors

Exercise is amazing for your health—no mistaking that. But if you're going at it really hard day in and day out and not seeing results, it may be better to scale back. "I'm a big advocate for exercising, but for many women, a spin session or long run actually fuels your appetite," says Cassetty. This is how your body—or metabolism—compensates: "Your body understands you burned a bunch of calories, and it wants it back," says Gower. (Supercharged exercise programs are one reason Gower thinks The Biggest Loser contestants may have seen their metabolisms drop so drastically post-show, as a 2016 study revealed.) Here's what happens: Your hunger may turn up, so you eat more—or, if you're not hungry post-workout and don't eat, your metabolism will drop to conserve energy. The end result is that you're at the same place you started. A better strategy if your current routine isn't working for you may be keeping moderately active until you see the results you're looking for, says Gower, which will allow you to still burn calories and stay fit without negatively affecting your metabolism. Once you reach your goal weight, you can add back in tougher sessions.