shoulder stretch

Illustration: David Wyffels

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Hold each stretch for up to 60 seconds if you're trying to improve your flexibility. If you're just looking to relieve tightness, 15 to 30 seconds will do the trick.

Stretch #1: Opposite-Elbow Grab

Do it if: You hunch over a computer or smartphone all day, or tend to carry stress in your neck and shoulders. This is also a great move for swimmers, who are prone to tightness in the chest and shoulders.

1. Sitting up tall in a comfortable position, bend both elbows and reaching your hands behind your back, try to grab the opposite elbow.
2. Holding opposite wrists or forearms (depending on how far you can comfortably reach), roll your shoulders down and back to feel the stretch in your chest and the front of your shoulders.
3. Drop your right ear toward your right shoulder, then switch sides, to stretch your neck and the muscles that connect it to your clavicle.