Dr. Oz on holding in gas

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Is it safe to hold in gas for long periods of time?

Flatulate, fart, toot, poot…no matter what you call it, you can't avoid it. In fact, Dr. Oz says men and women pass the same amount of gas every day.

In one day, almost a half liter of gas escapes the body in little aliquots, he says. So even if you think you're holding it in, the built-up gas will be released while you sleep.

Holding in gas isn't dangerous to your health, but Dr. Oz says it can cause unnecessary stomach cramps and pain. "You shouldn't bother [holding it in]," he says. "Let it come out when it's supposed to come out. Be smart about it. Do it in a place that's airy enough that you're not going to hurt your family and friends."

Scared of causing a stink? Don't worry…Dr. Oz says keeping gas all bottled up won't make it smell worse. Blame the foul odor on the foods you eat. "Beans give you a lot of gas," Dr. Oz says. "But beans don't make gas that smells bad. Meat, eggs [and] cauliflower—the leftover from these foods have sulfur in them, and they form methane gas."

The more sulfur there is in your diet, the more likely you'll be blaming the dog.