Jonathan demonstrates Rolfing on Dr. Oz.

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The last time Dr. Oz was on set, Oprah agreed to get acupuncture . Now, it's Dr. Oz's turn!

Dr. Oz volunteers to get Rolfed to demonstrate its medical benefits. Certified Rolfer Jonathan Martine says this massage method works with the body instead of on it. "What I'm looking at doing here is releasing the fascia, which is the wrapping around the muscles," he says.

The procedure may seem painful, but Jonathan says he works within the body's limits. "If I'm trying to force you into position to be upright, and you're not ready to be there, it's going to be challenging," he says.

You don't even have to strip down to have this procedure. "We work at a level of comfort for the client," Jonathan says. "I work with people in a bra and underwear or running shorts. I worked with a rancher from Nebraska that had his clothes on for most of the sessions."