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Pigeon Pose
Pigeon pose gives a great stretch to muscles around the pelvis and the legs, but this asymetrical pose can be too much stress on these joints. One of the primary changes in pregnancy is that connective tissue becomes more pliable. This is highly advantageous for growing another being inside your body, but it also means you're more prone to joint instability. You may be able to go further in a pose because of this, but if you push too hard, pain will often come along. In fact, this is a pose that often feels good while you're doing it, but you could end up waddling home from yoga class with out-of-whack sacroiliac joints.

Modification: From a sitting position, stack one shin on top of the other—right ankle on top of the left knee, right knee on top of the left ankle. Lengthen through the spine and hinge forward just enough to feel it in your hips. Then switch which shin is on top and repeat.