We know how it is. Sometimes you need the absolute quickest path from food to belly. While most fast food options can be destructive, there are healthier options on the menu. Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen take you through the drive-thru.

Make smarter fast food choices with this printable chart! PDF

Some things to remember:
  • There are some main dishes that can be good for you, but you have to be careful. Some slight name variations can make the difference between causing your fat and keeping you flat.
  • Avoid side dishes and desserts unless indicated in the chart. They're all loaded with bad fats and simple sugars, and they often have more calories than the main dishes.
  • Choose low-calorie dressing, not low fat. Low-fat dressings are steeped in high-fructose corn syrup, which has plenty of calories, and the fructose tricks your body into staying hungry.
  • Don't eat breakfast at fast food places. There are virtually no healthy options on any breakfast menu we could find.


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