James loves pretending to be Dr. Oz!

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YouTube is home to some hilarious home movies, but none are as cute as one mom shot of her own little Dr. Oz-in-training! In the video, 5-year-old James puts on his scrubs and pretends to be Dr. Oz—and casts his little sister as Oprah!

Who could resist this pint-size physician? James gets to come to The Oprah Show to meet his idol! James' mom, Jennifer, says James never misses a Dr. Oz show. "As long as it's not too explicit, he watches," she says.

James says he wants to be like Dr. Oz when he grows up. "[I'd] like to be a research doctor when I grow up and I have, like, this real, real microscope at home," he says. "One time I looked at leaves to see, like, the big giant cells in it."
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.