Kelly, before and after

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Current Weight: 140 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 121 pounds

As a child, Kelly was an active cheerleader who never needed to worry about her weight. After graduating from high school and moving on to college, she says the pounds started to pile on.

Kelly tried numerous diet plans, but nothing seemed to work. Sick of the constant failure, she says she decided to make the ultimate change and join Weight Watchers.

Little by little, Kelly began losing inches off her waist. "Baby steps is my secret," she says. "I changed my eating habits slowly. I started exercising slowly, and I just kept building up and building up." Now, she runs two miles every day and incorporates different types of cardio and weight training into her routine. In just 18 months, Kelly met her goal weight and went from a size 21 to a size 6!

Proud of her new figure, Kelly even posed for People magazine in a bikini!
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