Emily, before and after

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Current Weight: 135 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 160 pounds

Emily says she's been overweight her entire life. "Being the fat kid is a horrible way to grow up," she says.

As a teenager, she says she watched from afar as friends went on dates and shopped for clothing. With no social life, Emily got a part-time job as a way to get out of the house on the weekendsbut she always chose to work at ice cream shops, restaurants and places that revolved around food.

Emily believes she's addicted to food, but she says she learned to control her eating when she joined Weight Watchers. By attending local meetings, Emily says she learned what to eat and what steps she needed to take to lose the pounds.

Now this elementary school teacher is also working part time for Weight Watchers to help support others on their weight loss journeys. Weighing in at just 135 pounds and engaged to be married, Emily says she's living life better than she ever has before.
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