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Master a Three-Part Breath
Improper breathing can throw off your oxygen and carbon dioxide balance and contribute to anxiety. Mimicking a relaxed breathing pattern helps to calm your nervous system almost immediately. Try these simple breathing exercises to focus on the most-stressed areas of your body.

Belly: Place your hand on your gut and inhale deeply. Make sure you feel the air go into your belly; expand your stomach. As you breathe in, you'll see your hand expand. Breathe out. After several times, that uneasy feeling in your stomach should dissipate.

Chest: Put your hands on your chest and inhale deeply. While your chest expands, keep your stomach flat.

Shoulders: Breathe into your upper chest. Place your arms above your sternum and as you inhale, you'll feel your shoulders go up and down. After a few minutes, the tension should dissipate.
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