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Snack Like a Smart 5-Year-Old
You're so overwhelmed that you forget to eat, so you go on a de facto fast until everyone is asleep, then raid the cupboards—washing it all down with a nightcap. You know (most likely from experience) that this smorgasbord is going to leave you feeling bloated and woozy the next day. Avoid late-night binges by stocking up on healthy—but tasty—snacks like trail mix, string cheese, granola bars and yogurt drinks, things you can eat while taking care of tasks throughout the day. A quick test of whether it's a good choice: Ask yourself if a health-nut mother would give it to her kindergartener. At night, trade the junk food buffet for a balanced dinner you can whip up quickly (here are 13 recipes you can make in 20 minutes or less). Enjoy that drink (if anyone deserves it, it's you), but be aware that while alcohol may make you feel drowsy, excess amounts disrupt sleep. Consider sticking to one glass—and filling it up before dinner instead of after.
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