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Allow Yourself to Be Talked into Talking About Yourself
When your focus is on what other people need, want or have-to-have-this-minute, it's hard to remember—let alone do anything about—what you need or want, says Leah Eskenazi, director of operations and planning at the Family Caregiver Alliance. Spending time with a friend forces you to answer the question, "How are you?"—and you may be surprised at how much you have to say on that topic once you get going. We know—life seems to be on high RPMs all the time, and making plans might feel like yet another task you don't have time for. So leave it up to your friends: Once a month, pledge to say yes to any invitation you receive. Sure, the timing may not be the best, but few things are going to fit perfectly into your currently chaotic schedule, and, as your friends have probably been telling you, you need to get out of the house.
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