Coldfront cooling pouches

Photo: Courtesy of Coldfront

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The Ice Cube You've Been Holding to Your Neck Has Melted
In an effort to chill out at a sweltering bar, you may have used an ice cube from your cocktail to bring your skin temperature back down—--effective, yes, but messy and temporary. The new Coldfront pouches offer a convenient, reusable alternative. These palm-sized packs, which look like two silicone breast implants, are filled with a non-toxic polymer gel, and come in a carrying case that keeps them cool for up to 12 hours. You can reactivate them after use by popping the case in the freezer overnight, or for another 12 hours.

One more thing: The manufacturer suggests putting the packs in your hands or pressing to your forehead, but we were inspired to slip them into a padded bra. They're small enough to be subtle and come with an absorbent cloth to mop up excess perspiration.