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Photo: Eric Kipp, founder of Hiking Yoga

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Become OM With Nature
What it is: Hiking Yoga. Okay, so we're cheating a bit here—but at least this type of yoga doesn't require a mat. Sneaker-clad certified yogis will guide you briskly through parks and along trails, pausing in scenic spots to lead you through poses.

What it does for your body: Trail hikes are amazing for the lower body (and your bones, if you carry even a small pack), and the poses help with flexibility and balance.

What it does for your soul: Not only will you be saluting the actual sun, but you'll also be harnessing its mood-boosting benefits. Exercising outdoors in natural light has been shown to spike feelings of optimism, self-esteem and vitality almost instantly.

Where: 14 cities around the US.