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Photo: Courtesy of SoulCycle

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Ride Your Way Out of a Bad Place
What it is: SoulCycle, a type of non-competitive indoor cycling, done en masse in candlelight. Classes are packed with devotees (including Oprah, who attended a class with friends on her 60th birthday).

What it does for your body: Hello, power quads! Not to mention the core muscles you'll develop while doing jumps and standing sprints.

What it does for your soul: Instructors tell inspiring stories, chant empowering mantras and motivate you to change your life—starting with this ride. While SoulCycle is credited with the concept, similar classes have been popping up, and some non-affiliated instructors also know how to create a transcendent cycling experience (for example, getting everyone to stand up on their pedals, wave their towels and sing along to "Man in the Mirror" on Michael Jackson's birthday).