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Outpace That Monkey Mind
What it is: Meditative running, a jogging practice that helps you improve mindfulness on the go. No racing to beat the clock allowed.

What it does for your body: You'll still get the toned quads, glutes and calves the sport is known for, as well as a terrific cardio workout. Meditation can have physical benefits, too, such as improved immunity, a decreased sensitivity to pain and lower stress levels.

What it does for your soul: You've heard how meditation can calm your mind, improve your focus and even make you less likely to judge yourself harshly—but it can be hard to find time or motivation to do it. Practicing while running not only saves time, but it may also be easier to focus on your breath when you can hear yourself panting. Tibetan lama and marathon runner Sakyong Mipham, who leads instruction in meditative runs, says that when we allow the body and mind to harmonize, we feel more alive and stronger; join him on a meditative run here.