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Keep In Touch With Your Ob-Gyn
Under new guidelines, it is now recommended that women older than 30 get a Pap smear only every three years. But a lot can happen in three years (who remembers what they were doing at this time in 2009?). Besides, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists still suggests visiting your ob-gyn every year so she can do a pelvic, breast and abdominal exam; answer questions about STDs, birth control and age- and lifestyle-related concerns; and suggest diagnostic tests (cancer screenings, fertility testing, etc.).

Microchange: Give up trying to remember whether or not you got a Pap smear three years ago and schedule a wellness exam every year on your birthday (that way, you'll never forget). Good news: Under the Affordable Care Act, annual wellness visits should be covered by insurance.