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Are you chronically late—for the same reasons?
You can't blame traffic, weather delays and last-minute phone calls that occasionally slow everyone down. The main thing slowing you down is you. For example, you realize that you have a meeting in five minutes. Instead of heading to the conference room, you decide to read one more paragraph—yet 15 minutes later, you're still reading, and not sitting with the rest of your team.

Why it might be ADHD: People with ADHD have particular trouble with tardiness, due mostly to their distorted sense of time and their inability to shift focus. There's a saying that people with ADHD run on a clock with just two times: "Now" and "not now." When the "now" is filled with something they enjoy, time flies by and they have an extremely hard time pulling themselves away, says Nadeau, who is also the director of the Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland. When they're not engaged, time moves excruciatingly slowly, so they go out of their way to avoid boring activities—like waiting.