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The Posture Fix That Will Save Your Back
What: Lumo Lift, $100

What for: Pain in the upper back, shoulders and lower back (it's all connected, as you know).

How it works: The tinier, shinier, more sophisticated version of the Lumo Back, which monitors posture with a sensor worn on a belt, the Lumo Lift tracks posture with a sensor clipped on your chest with a pair of magnets. You hunch, it hums.

Why it might help: Any physical therapist will be happy to tell you how our bad posture is leading to tight upper body muscles and lots of unnecessary back pain. We promise in yoga class that we're going to start living like there's a wire attached to our head pulling us up, up, up...and as soon as we walk out the door, we're bent over our phones. An O magazine editor who tried Lumo Back said it was the thing that finally made her consistently conscious of her posture; this new version promises to do that and more.

One more thing: The Lumo Lift also tracks steps, and research shows that regular exercise (walking counts!) helps ameliorate back pain.