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The Videos for When You're Just Not Feeling the Afro-Pop
Love Zumba but crave something new? Mix up your routine (and your tunes) with the new Doonya Bollywood Workout DVDs ($25 for a set of 3; streaming online workouts for $10). The wonderful thing about Indian dance is that it can involve high-impact, celebratory moves like hopping, stomping and spinning, but it never feels like aerobics. These routines are set to invigorating music that fuses Indian classical and folk tunes with jazz and "Bolly-pop"—stuff you most likely haven't heard outside of a Bollywood musical or an Indian wedding. Instructors, who teach at studios in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, break down the individual moves and explain how dances are incorporated into Bollywood movies (a replay-able gift for the uncoordinated). So once you get it all down, you’ll feel as if you're performing on set...even when the only other extra is your cat.

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